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AF Plus Bond

• Per Pack
• Net Weight: 25.0 kg
• Dimension(cm): 50(L) x 35(W) x 9(H)

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  • AF Plus Bond is a specially formulated polymer modified coating, designed to mix with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) to provide a high-build, easy to trowel adhesive, base, texture or rectification coat.
  1. A steel trowel or Hopper Gun are the preferred tool for coating.
  2. For bonding onto substrates, use a notch trowel to create a continuous coat of the AF Plus Bond mixture onto the entire back of the EPS product covering the perimeter as well.
  3. The subsequent beads should stand out approximately 10mm from the EPS product. Immediately place the EPS product on the substrate and firmly slide into positioning the EPS product on the substrate.
  4. The initial base coat application should be rendered at a thickness of not more than 3mm, followed by gently pressing the Solution Alkaline Resistant Mesh with the trowel onto the coating.
  5. This action would allow the excess material to come thru the mesh thus allowing the applicator to trowel firmly to a flat finish. The base coat should be applied sufficiently, thus ensuring the mesh is embedded within. Upon completion allow the semi-finished product to dry overnight before applying the finish coat to the same thickness.
  • Good bonding properties and excellent workability
  • Factory mixed - consistent quality
  • Tiles need not be presoaked in water
  • Tiles after installation can be readjusted within 30 minutes
  • Nett Weight: 25.0 kg 
  • Dimension(cm): 50(L) x 35(W) x 9(H)