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EPS Coping-100mmx100mmx2400mm

• Per Size
• Size: 100mmx100mmx2,400mm
• Net Weight: 4.75 kg
• Made in Malaysia

RM 18.80 18.8 MYR

Minimum Quantity is 1.0

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  • EPS Coping changes and transforms spaces with plain-looking wall into elegant and sophisticated decor. 
  • If your home is traditional in design, EPS Coping can transform a nondescript surface into a focal point. 
  • EPS Coping is one of the ways to set your house apart and increase perceived value.
  • EPS Coping can make an impressive statement in the entry and in other formal areas of the home at a competitive price and expeditions.
  1. Setting out of datum level
  2. Surface Preparation
  3. Preparation of reinforcement bar/bracket
  4. Fixing of EPS Coping
  5. Pressing EPS Coping
  • High productivity
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • Less labour intensive
  • Better quality and workmanship
  • Size: 100mmx100mmx2,400mm
  • Nett Weight: 4.75 kg

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