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Re-injection D-11 Hose System (100 meter)

• Per Carton
• 100 meter
• Net Weight: 12.75 kg

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Minimum Quantity is 1.0

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  • Orange plastic injection hose with circular profile with an outside diameter of approx. 11 mm and an inner transport duct of approx 5 mm. The injection tube has micro slits every 12 to 14 mm to allow the injection material to exit the tube into the joint. The slits open with the injection pressure to allow injection grout to exit the tube and fill the joint. After injection, the slits will close due to the reset force of the plastic closing the tube. The tube can be rinsed with water using a pressure of 0.5 bars. 
  1. No leak, no injection necessary
  2. Can be bent without risk of closing up the hose
  3. Easy to re-injection using Inject AG-600 resins
  4. Simple installation using the shutter connector
  5. Allow injection of pure resin at length up to 10 m
  6. Allow injection of micro fine cements at lengths up to 6 m
  • Appearance: Blue round profiled injection hose with an inner duct and 4 slits on the circumference.
  • Consumption: The necessary quantities required depend on the length and layout of the various (construction) joints which need to be sealed. The consumption of resin depends on the hollow voids around the re-injection which is need to be filled.
  • Storage: Unlimited in a dry places.
  • Health & Safety: For full information, consult the relevant Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 
  • Per Carton
  • 100 meter
  • Net Weight: 12.75 kg
  • Dimension: 39.5 cm(L) x 39.5 cm(W) x 29.5 cm(H)
  • Made In Taiwan

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